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Internet Backup

This solution provides a straightforward, affordable alternative to the chaotic nature of Backup in most companies.

We are all aware that we must protect our company information by doing regular Backups.

ImageUnfortunately computers do break and unless there is a Backup then the information you have stored may be lost. Companies that don't do Backup properly and then have some sort of incident (e.g. fire, flood, terrorist threat, loss of power etc...) have a higher chance of failure in the following months and years.

Doing Backup properly means the following simple steps;

  • Taking a Backup of all your companies critical files on regular basis probably daily
  • Moving at least one Backup a week to another location which is at least 10 miles away
  • Regularly checking that the backup process is valid by doing a test restore and ensuring that files backed up match your definition of critical files
  • Changing your tapes at least every two years as they wear out

In our experience most companies if they are honest are too busy to perform these simple steps. The alternative is to wait for an Incident and to try to cope with its impact.


Most companies now have Broadband and we are able to offer a Internet Backup solution. This solution provides an automated Backup of your critical files on a daily basis without human intervention. This means if your staff get busy then Backup will still occur!

The solution uses Broadband to send a copy of your files offsite. The copy is encrypted before the files are sent preventing anyone else seeing your files. The key for encryption is only held by you.

The solution can cope with normal files like letters and spreadsheets but can also cope with your complicated information like databases and e-mail.

This solution requires no tapes and therefore no direct handling by your staff. You still have direct access to restore any of your files and you can do this without relying on anyone else.

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