Access to Microsoft Project without the upfront cost


We all know that Microsoft Project 2007 is an extremely valuable planning tool. In fact for some of your customers it will be the only thing that they accept as a Plan Format.

Unfortunately it is also very expensive especially if you only plan to use it for a short period of time.

There is now an alternative as you can rent it from us for 3 months or more making this is the most affordable way of obtaining Microsoft Project 2007 on a short term basis.

Not only this but we will hold all of your Microsoft Project 2007 files in one place and since this is a Hosted Service then you can access it from any computer that has Internet access.

Work from home, the office or from a customer location using the same software safe in the knowledge that all of your hard work is backed up and available to you when you next logon.

We provide Microsoft Project 2007 to you as a Hosted Service also called Software as a Service. This means that Microsoft Project 2007 is not installed onto your computer but we give you access to logon onto our server and run it as if it was installed on your computer. Its the same software without any features removed as if you had bought it from Microsoft direct.

We think our way is better because;

  • You can use it from any PC or Mac at any time of the day or night
  • We keep your project files safe
  • You can share your files with any other user
  • Working together with a colleague or a customer is easy
  • We keep the whole environment secure
  • We do the software upgrades for no extra charge
  • We are able to offer you help with Microsoft Project 2007 software with guidance or training
  • We guarantee you are up and running quickly

This is the most affordable way of obtaining Microsoft Project 2007 on a short term basis.

Product Disclaimer

All prices quoted are excluding Value Added Tax

Any guaranteed times are within standard UK office hours