Microsoft CRM - know your customers

If you are looking for a Customer Relationship Management Solution (CRM) then you should certainly look at Microsoft Dynamics CRM.It offers everything you would want in a CRM package while providing you with a simple and familiar way of using it. 

In our experience CRM solutions fail not because they do not provide great functionality but simply because no one uses them. You can have the best and most expensive product but unless your sales people use it day in and day out then you might as well have used Excel. Microsoft CRM wins in this area as it is implemented direct into Outlook which means its the one place every Sales person will go every day to organise their messages and calendars.

Microsoft CRM especially in its Hosted form is great for businesses with 500 users or just 2. With Hosting from Wired IT Services the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now avaiable to businesses of any size. With our Enterprise CRM platform you do not need to buy servers yourself and there is not a long drawn installation process. You can be up and running using your existing pc's within a matter of days with significantly less up front cost.

Our Hosted Platform means that we are responsible for the IT infrastructure including Microsoft patching, Anit-Virus, Anti-Malware and new Microsoft Dynamics Releases. We backup up your information twice a day so that you have confidence in recovering data in the event of a failure. All this allows you to concentrate on your business and your customers.

We pride ourselves on being strong on the hosting side which means we are not a specialist CRM vendor. Our skills in implementing Microsoft CRM come from our understanding of the technology and what a business can do with this. In our implementation we do the technical work leaving our customer to tell us how they want their business to run. Other CRM vendors provide a stronger consultancy focus and this means the costs are a lot higher. We think you would prefer to tell us what you need and keep the extra money in your pocket!

Not only is Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM an exceptional product in it's own right, it is also fully integrated with the Microsoft Office Suite . This tight integration enhances user adoption and productivity by keeping them in the Microsoft environment they enjoy. There is no lengthy training or ongoing reliance on specialist Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM resources, because Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM is built for those with long-term self-sufficiency goals.