Email on the Move

Mobile e-mail solutions offer your customers and your staff the ability to be in constant contact, your only choice is whether you try to do it yourself or rely on our experience. 


ImageE-mail has become the lifeblood of Business over the last 15 years. The ability to connect with your customers and suppliers and interact in a simple, quick and efficient way has made e-mail one of the most popular forms of business communication.


Customer expectations are that you are always available to them. They expect answers to questions whether you are in your office, on a train or stuck in an airport. Will your customers wait until you are next at your computer or will they ask the competition?

Imagee-mail on the move has become popular due to the use of a phone called Blackberry. This allows the user to see and respond to all of their new and older e-mail. It allows the user to see their current calendar even if it has been changed in the office by someone else.

With this information you can be anywhere and still be fully in contact with your work. These are great benefits if you want to be responsive to your customers or your business objectives change within the day.



 There are now many different options including Windows Mobile and recently the i-Phone. All of them have the capability to offer your information PUSHED to you while you are away from the office. Unfortunately this requires you to have some knowledge of how this works and what is right for you.


Wired IT Services have been providing Hosted Services and supporting customers choices in phones for the past 5 years and we are familiar with the options, costs and difficulties associated with getting this all to work.


Wired IT Services delivers mobile e-mail solutions from providing the phones through to connecting them with your e-mail provider. We are experienced in making this activity as seamless as possible so that you can get on with your normal business.